Realities That Can No Longer Be Ignored

The business realities of the past several years have wreaked havoc on the talent pool. 


Now it is commonplace for even the very best performers to have been laid off through absolutely no fault of their own. To have had more than 2 jobs in the past several years is also no longer uncommon and cannot be allowed to be a basis for discrimination. If someone is clearly a job hopper – moving on every year for several years running – that is a different matter entirely. Leaders must be educated on the business climate that surrounds them. Merck for example has laid off some 15,000 human beings since the beginning of 2012. Human beings. People are not numbers on a spreadsheet. Are all of those 15,000 human beings unemployable now because they were laid off through no fault of their own? That is an absurdity and a travesty. But it is a rampant form of discrimination that must be fought against. What about those who have made mistakes and admit them and have learned from them? Do we rule them out too simply because they are not working now? We are not in 1980 anymore. Generation flux is not just a catchy phrase. The market must adapt to this reality. Peter Drucker (1909-2005) is another of our core influencers on how we think about talent at BSP. He said:

“The better a man is, the more mistakes he will make – for the more things he will try. I would never promote a man into a top level job who has not made mistakes, and big ones at that. Otherwise, he is sure to be mediocre.”

We must fight against discrimination in all of its forms, including those that are actually legal such as: discrimination against the unemployed, discrimination against people of size, discrimination against people who do not fit the Hollywood standard of beauty, discrimination against people who do not conform to a rigid set of societal “norms” such as those having tatoos and piercings in places that cannot be covered by clothing. Driven people are all we care about at BSP. If your organization disagrees, do not request our services. 


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