Why Should We Have a POV?

Culture comes from the top.  If the founder of any organization does not have a set of core values  that are to be shared and promoted, the organization loses much of its identity and therefore much of what helps differentiate it from its competition.  


Who are we? What do we believe in? What do we fight for? What do we fight against?  Why should we care about any of this and what does it have to do with building a successful organization?

The answers to what we believe at BSP and who we are have been answered elsewhere in this site. What do we fight for? Great opportunities for great people. What do we fight against? Discrimination in all its forms. 

Why should we care about any of this? Because these things are in our company DNA and they are absolutely essential to building a successful organization that people will be proud to be part of and clients will be proud to do business with. Without belief in oneself, belief in what you are doing and belief in the company you work for, you are just going through the motions every day. The drive to get to the next level, the drive to excel, the drive to do the right thing always and everywhere can be greatly diminished or even non-existent. Successful organizations know this. Belief is an extremely powerful motivator and should never be underestimated.



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