About Us

Barrante Search Partners is a Rochester, NY area search firm specializing in multiple industries.  


We have a POV unlike anyone else’s. We see things differently. We want to change the way business is done in the world of third party recruitment. We know the system is broken. We know business is broken. We know first-hand about creating opportunity out of daunting challenges. We created our own firm when we finally listened to that voice inside of us that said that we have to create our own opportunities when the conventional doors were closed to us. We have drive. We have passion for what we do. We are out to prove something. We all have an unshakable faith in our talents and our ability to excel no matter which way the economic winds blow. 

What does this all mean? It means that all of us at Barrante Search Partners, LLC (BSP) know what it’s like when we reach the point in our careers when our phones stop ringing and suddenly what was once simple and quick takes a year or more to happen. We are tired of being told we are too senior for the position available. We all know what that is code for. We know it is illegal but it is all but impossible to prove. So we banded together and created opportunities for ourselves. And we will continue to create opportunities for as many driven people who want to continue to work long after the world no longer wants them. Everything about the search business can be taught EXCEPT the innate drive to build something; the innate drive to want to contribute and to pass the torch to the next generation of leaders. We were mentored in youth; it is now time to return the favor to as many of the new generation graduating from college as are willing to accept mentoring and to do the work it takes to build the knowledge toolbox necessary to be successful in our business. 

We are at core entrepreneurs. We are at core inquisitive people always asking how things can be done better. How can we equip people with the interviewing and business cultural game skills they need to succeed in their careers? How can we make great opportunities for ourselves while making the world a better place than it was when we entered it? Always doing good things, for good people. That’s our mantra. We want it to be yours too.


Raymond A. Barrante


Barrante Search Partners, LLC

106 Cobblestone Court Drive

Victor, NY 14564



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